Bien and Robinson - Fred Bien great criminal defense lawyer in los angeles

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My mother had recommended me Bien and Robinson for criminal defense when I was arrested. Soley for the purpose that my brother had used them beforehand, and had his case acquitted.

I was very hesitant to let Fred Bien take my case--as many reviews online were overly negative. Ultimately though my mom convinced me, and he was assigned to my case. I was very surprised by how polite he was, and how much he actually cared about my case. For those reading these negative reviews, understand--I have no idea what the basis of them was.

Fred was courteous and always made sure I completely understood any implications or various aspects of the case. I am rarely treated with such courtesy by anyone, let alone a criminal defense lawyer.

In all my experience was good. I mean, no one is going to have a good experience getting arrested; but there are certain things you can do to make the situation more bearable--like get a good lawyer. Which is exactly what I did in the case of Fred Bien from bien and robinson.

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Bien and Robinson Great Criminal Defense Lawyers

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I was very surprised to come to this site and see such bad reviews for the law offices of Bien and Robinson.

I have not been in contact with many criminal attorneys (and strongly hope to keep it that way); but with my brief experience in court--Bien and Robinson were absolutely everything I needed.

They answered all my questions, and made me aware of every angle of my own case. They were very polite to my wife, and assured her through the whole criminal defense process. Before I chose Bien and Robinson I met other criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles; some were rude, and others were outwardly sharks--simply trying to fatten their pockets.

I was met with utmost respect and courtesy by Bien and Robinson--it was them who made me thank god I didn't go with a public defender. It could've been much worse.

I am more than satisfied with Bien and Robinson in my time of need.

Although I am not normally the type to write consumer reviews--I feel all the negative reviews of these attorney's are unfounded; Bien and Robinson are great criminal defense lawyers. And I'm sure they will help you--like they helped me.

I was wrongfully charged, and Bien and Robinson helped to prove this--and got my case completely acquitted.

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Yes--I too was quite put off by the initial negative reviews that I first saw. However, Bien and Robinson proved to be the opposite.

Fred Bien was courteous, and helpful in his assistance of my case. He was very knowledgeable and more supportive than other criminal defense lawyers.

I felt confident throughout the whole legal process.

Bien and Robinson - Malpractice

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Fred Bien is so incompetent he's a comedy...only it's NOT funny!He is the most obnoxious, arrogant *** I've ever met.

If you'll notice, these people saying good things about him generally have horrible grammar, probably didn't graduate high school, or (as some have admitted) paid a ridiculous amount. Also, Craig Robinson was 2-3 hours late each hearing while NEVER apologizing once.

He never returned a single call (of about 10) and jogged away from my family after every court date to avoid questions - his legal duty!This firm was fired and is now being sued.

Bottom line: Do not hire Fred Bien or Craig Robinson!!!

Bien and Robinson - Did not tell me this would be a credit card

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i am a senior citizen and i didn't know this fee would go on a credit i am paying for fees i didn't want..

dr rome's customer service did not tell me about this tranaction.i thought they would let me pay monthly...or weekly..i had very bad service.

dr.rome has not compassion for the elderly...i am on ss and can't afford the extra fees...i will not use his services again...and my son spent 10,000 on his mouth and my two grandaughters use to work for him and that is why i went to him...he has no chair side manners at all,..

Bien and Robinson - Wrongfully fired from sams club plz read

Atlanta, Georgia 3 comments

i was an employee at the rome sams club 6509 in the tire dep..i had been there for maybe 6 months and resently gotton fired for someone elses mistakes.

the actual guy that kept his job is buddies with all the management and they all go out and drink together. i was fired because i had to sign off on a vehicle that i did not work on the whole time due to the understaffing. the managers there only puts 2 people in the shop. to cover the sales floor and everything.

this is not fair and they will not do anything about it.

they fired me and i told them about the understaffing and they dont care.

Review about: Work Experience.



i got a d-day for selling member wrong tire. managers did not inform tma of policy changes concerning optional size tires. what do i do?


Fired because the night manager who harassed me for 11 months was stunned that I finally stood up to him.The person under him would always watch me and look at his watch and accuse me of stealing company time if he saw me standing still or counting something.

They accused me of being on my phone countless times when in fact my phone was my alarm so I could take breaks on time and return to work on time. They didnt care. There are most definately "favorites" that work at sams and if youre not one of those "favorites" you get the shaft. If you heard ALL of my stories, you would probably know exactly what it feels like.

I was accused of things and even when I proved my innocence they simply continued to reprimand me for being the cause of the situation, when there wasnt a situation at all. This manager was so upset that I called him back into his office to argue my point that he threatened to fire me to make me back down. I didnt back down, so he fired me. I said "FU" AFTER he told me to leave and escorted me out.

I told the actual store manager the next day about EVERYTHING and they made me wait a week before he finally told me that he stands by his managers decisions and that if this night manager would reverse his decision, I could be put to work on days away from him. I went in at 2am to offer an apology for what I said and for my outburst, and he turned around and told me that he would let the store manager know in spite of my being a good worker, he would not give his blessing for me to return. I have a daughter and a wife, and a home. It sickens me that Sams club would employ such an *** and stand by him.

This man is two-faced and didnt man up when I did. I know what kind of human he is on top of what kind of manager he is. Someone was given a job that clearly wasnt earned. But, he did always say he managed a walmart for seven years.

If anyone knows anything about treating employees right, its gotta be walmart. I'll be bitter about this for a long time because I had a job I wanted to stay with and this ONE *** harassed me and threatened me with termination. He couldnt handle being told he was wrong. I even suggested they look at the films to prove they were wrong, and you guessed it - they werent interested.

If someone stole a candybar, you can bet they would whip those tapes out to review them.I find it humorous that others can stroll in late, take long breaks, stand around and talk, watch Tv upstairs in the breakroom, play on their phones and check NBA playoff results.....and here I am being told that Im wasting company time because my phone is sitting with my things on a shelf and I stopped to set my alarm to keep track of my time...Amazing isnt it?



Fred Bien of Bien and Robinson worst lawyer I have ever seen

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Fred Bien showed up in the court without ever having come to see or talk to his clients.He was rude, arrogant, loud and very obnoxious.He claimed to have worked in the court house before , yet no one had ever heard of him.

He was condescending to family members and other attorneys present. It was utterly embarrassing to have him in the court room. All he appeared to care about was bragging about his office, and getting his money. He never once tried to know who I was or my background.

In fact he initially sent an appearance attorney to show up on my first court appearance. I then had to inform the appearance attorney that this sleazebag was in the room. Imagine that, the biggest court appearance of my life and he does not get any background or even talk to me. No, he sends some other crook to take his place.I took a public defender over him, which was a scary decision on its own.

This should let you know how utterly embarrasing this clown was.Upon his dismissal he made a loud rude comment to me in open court and then gave the finger to my fiance...NICE BEHAVIOR for an attorney IN COURT!!!

Review about: Rude Service.



You are wrong on all your comments you must be the lawyers doing damage control...he also got a lot of money so your" there is nothing free in life" doesnt apply


This person is sharing HIS experience. Maybe the attorney was stressed, having a breakdown, or losing it. I believe the story.


They don't care about you and your case at all. All they care about is MONEY. Don't trust them ever or you will be regretful.


Robinson and Bien are the worst lawyers I've ever seen.They don't think about anything but money.

I found them through their advertising and now I'm regretful! They didn't do any thing for me just postponed my case for 6 months and after that told me to plea guilty or I will go to the jail. I remember once I was crying alot and my husband told them :" my wife is so sad" They replied : "well, She should Be sad !

" when I explained to my Mom She told is he your Lawyer or their Lawyer?:( To make a Long Story Short, DON'T TRUST THEM.


IN IT FOR THE MONEY.They may help with cases and get the dismissal, sure.

But have you looked at your own cases? Was it that hard to do, and was it worth the ludicrous amount they charged?

No.They take cases they know are easy and give you a peace of mind for a piece of your wallet!


do not hire fred bien or you'll regret it as the worst decision of your life!!! he and craig robinson are scam artists who make sleazy lawyers look good!


If he tells you, "We have never lost this kind of case", "Don't worry, this is a sure win" in regards to a licensing case.Do not believe them.

They make little to no effort on your part. Just in it for the money which they tell you, I must have this by tomorrow or I can't take the case.

Big waste of money.Once they have it, that's it.


Great tag-team at the Los Angeles Courthouse in Van Nuys, California. Seasoned, compassionate veteran insiders. Priced fairly.

Thankyou for helping me with my case.


Fred Bien always talk/see his clients before court and during the process.Mondodude, were you so hang-over that you missed your appointment with Mr.

Bien before court date? Mr. Bien is a professional and knows what he is doing in court. It's not about atitude in court.

It's about doing his job to defence his clients and win the case. It take a sharp attorney to knows what he's doing and Mr. Bien and Mr. Robinson are the BEST.

He always prepare his clients before court date. Mondodue, I wonder what you did to pissed people off. You can't expect an attorney to take your case for free, do ya? THERE IS NOTHING FREE IN LIFE?

Mr. Bien is fair with his clients in term of payments. He took care of my family member's case and gave him a fair price. I definetly refer him to anyone who needs a good attorney.

I wouldn't take a chance on a public defender.Life is too precious and short.


When I found this about MR.Bien I thought it was a joke.

Mr. Bien help my son with his case sat him down and spoke to him. Mr. Bien gave my son good advice and reduced his sentence so that he could find a job.

I have meet this man and he was always very nice to me and my son.

He really gave us the time of day when we were in his office and he was busy.I got my moneys worth this person is just crazy.


Fred Bien did a great job handling my case.The DA knew him well and listened to what Mr.

Bien told him while i was standing there.

He did a great job fighting to win my case and got it dismissed.I would hire this guy again just because he is agressive and didnt let the court push him around.


bien is a truck, he is a rude obnoxious *** who doesn't do anything productive for you, yes i wish i would of rather gone with a public pretender than him. he made me feel guilty from the time we hired this lame


Fred Bien was a wonderful attorney that help me with my matter.He was always professional and nice to me and my family.

When I met him in court he was the best dressed attorney in the room and was very respectful to the court while he handled my case. He also let me extend my payments to him because I had lost my job because of my arrest. I would have my own mother use this attorney if she was in trouble.

He also got my case reduced and I didnt even have to pay the court.He is GREAT!!!

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Bien and Robinson - Fred Bien Lawyer the worst

Los Angeles, California 2 comments

This attorney is a sleazy, self-serving, obnoxious human being.He appeared at the court house in shoes with holes in them, then proceded to put his tie on outside in the hall.

In the court room he was arrogant and rude. He never even talked with his "client" prior to the initial court date. His behavior that day was the most appaling professional display I have ever witnessed. It was apparent from moment one that all he cared about was running up his bill.

He was rude and disrespectful to both his client and the clients family.

I must say that even other people in the room that day were shocked.Think very carefully before you engage this imbecile.

Review about: Attorney.



I have used Mr.Bien in the past and these statements are crazy.

He was always friendly and helpful. Mr. Bien took the time to listen to my problem and help me resolve the issue. He was more then fair with me and explaining every issue in full so that i could understand what was happening to me!

It was a scare experience that was made very easy with Mr.Bien expertise.


Not satisified ???Just file a complaint with the state judicial conduct board.

It' free to file.

Can't find a form to file with.why not ask the attorney , since he is an officer of the court.

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