i was an employee at the rome sams club 6509 in the tire dep..i had been there for maybe 6 months and resently gotton fired for someone elses mistakes.

the actual guy that kept his job is buddies with all the management and they all go out and drink together. i was fired because i had to sign off on a vehicle that i did not work on the whole time due to the understaffing. the managers there only puts 2 people in the shop. to cover the sales floor and everything.

this is not fair and they will not do anything about it.

they fired me and i told them about the understaffing and they dont care.

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i got a d-day for selling member wrong tire. managers did not inform tma of policy changes concerning optional size tires. what do i do?


Fired because the night manager who harassed me for 11 months was stunned that I finally stood up to him.The person under him would always watch me and look at his watch and accuse me of stealing company time if he saw me standing still or counting something.

They accused me of being on my phone countless times when in fact my phone was my alarm so I could take breaks on time and return to work on time. They didnt care. There are most definately "favorites" that work at sams and if youre not one of those "favorites" you get the shaft. If you heard ALL of my stories, you would probably know exactly what it feels like.

I was accused of things and even when I proved my innocence they simply continued to reprimand me for being the cause of the situation, when there wasnt a situation at all. This manager was so upset that I called him back into his office to argue my point that he threatened to fire me to make me back down. I didnt back down, so he fired me. I said "FU" AFTER he told me to leave and escorted me out.

I told the actual store manager the next day about EVERYTHING and they made me wait a week before he finally told me that he stands by his managers decisions and that if this night manager would reverse his decision, I could be put to work on days away from him. I went in at 2am to offer an apology for what I said and for my outburst, and he turned around and told me that he would let the store manager know in spite of my being a good...

This man is two-faced and didnt man up when I did. I know what kind of human he is on top of what kind of manager he is. Someone was given a job that clearly wasnt earned. But, he did always say he managed a walmart for seven years.

If anyone knows anything about treating employees right, its gotta be walmart. I'll be bitter about this for a long time because I had a job I wanted to stay with and this ONE *** harassed me and threatened me with termination. He couldnt handle being told he was wrong. I even suggested they look at the films to prove they were wrong, and you guessed it - they werent interested.

If someone stole a candybar, you can bet they would whip those tapes out to review them.I find it humorous that others can stroll in late, take long breaks, stand around and talk, watch Tv upstairs in the breakroom, play on their phones and check NBA playoff results.....and here I am being told that Im wasting company time because my phone is sitting with my things on a shelf and I stopped to set my alarm to keep track of my time...Amazing isnt it?

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